Yale Draft


The New Standard for Swing Door Automation

Yale and August Smart Lock Integration
  • AutoSwing now integrates with Yale and August smart locks. A new partnership, bringing over 150 years of security by Yale and the newest in automatic door technology from AutoSlide, has come together to create a smart door experience that has not been seen before.
  • Now you can open and close, lock or unlock, and provide access to your home using the Yale Access app or the AutoSlide app.Perhaps your hands are full? Control your smart door by simply asking Siri or Alexa to do it for you.
  • Access and security at home has just gotten a whole lot smarter!

Lithium Battery

Backup Lithium battery is contained in the AutoSwing housing and allows the system to have a power source even when your home loses power for up to five days.

Small Profile

The low height of only 2.25 inches allows the AutoSwing Operator to be fitted to a door’s header.

Grant or deny access to your home 24/7 motion sensor alerts your phone when anyone approaches your doors.


Advanced state-of-the-art Processing Unit

AutoSwing main processing unit is the most advanced on the market.

Smart Automatic Upgradeable Solution (SAUS)
RS-485 Port: Smart home and access control integrations
Fire alarm port: For external fire alarm integration
Built-in Bluetooth Technology
Wireless Mode Pad Controller
Lock Inputs for electric lock integration
Customizable Optional Settings
Integrated speaker for multiple voice notifications

Technical specifications

Operator type Hinged and pivot Swing Doors
Door opening width 47” (1200 mm)
Door weight 265 lbs (up to 120 Kg)
Power input 100-240 VAC 50/60hz (+/-10%)
Auxiliary voltage 24 VDC @220mA
SPDT relay output for controlling electric-strikes or electric mag-locks Not to exceed 2A 24 VDC
Opening speed 30 degrees/s for fast opening speed.
15 degrees/s for slow opening speed.
Closing speed 8 degrees/s
Hold open time 0-23s
Ambient temperature 14 ºF to 140 ºF  (-10ºC to 60ºC)
Drive weight unit 7 lb (3 Kg)
Complies with: UL, FCC, ANSI
Electro-mechanical locking integration Mag Lock, Electric Strike, Electric Dead Bolt, Smart Dead Bolt
Power supply adapter output 25 Vdc, 2.6A 65watt
Safety Protocol Auto-Reverse, Safety Beams
Communication Protocols RF, Bluetooth, RS485, Dry Contacts, Autoplus Gateway, Cloud API
Lithium Battery Backup 21.6V / 3200mAh
Standby Time 45 Hours

AutoSwing works
with the Yale Access
and August App
Lock and unlock
Without using keys
Give people you
trust access
Know if your door
is open or closed
See who had access
and when

Never lose power, key free models can be energized with a 9V battery Battery Back-Up Let us unlock the door for you when you get home, with optional Auto-Unlock Auto-Unlock Easy for the whole family to use, create unique codes for everyone that needs access Key access Leave your keys and phone behind, just use your Apple Watch to unlock the door Apple Watch® Rest easy knowing your door is locked when you want it to be with optional
Auto-Lock with DoorSense® Customize auto relock, privacy mode and tamper alarms within the lock settings Optional settings Compatible with standard US and Canada entryway doors Works with most entry doors Commercial Grade 2 certified and secured by advanced app features and encryption Security you can trust Manage entry codes or virtual keys with people you trust Share access

Connects with:

Activate your Automatic Swing Door in conjunction with Yale Smart Lock and August Wi-Fi Smart Lock.

Fully integrated with Yale App. Safety Sensor prevents door hitting.

AutoPlus Gateway is required for connectivity.