AutoSlide Explained


Autoslide is designed to be a universal, easy to install product that retrofits to your existing sliding doors. The patented Autoslide system is based on a simple “rack and pinion” design. Teethed tracks are attached to the active door panel and then the Autoslide uses a cog that meshes into the tracks to push and pull your sliding door. To power the Autoslide, simply plug it into a regular wall outlet.

rack-2.png motor.png cover.png

  • Easy 2 Piece Track / Track System
  • Aluminium Cover Indicator Lights for 4 different Modes
  • 24V Motor with gear(cog)
  • Simple one-step Sensor Learn Button
  • 8 Dipswitches for Different Settings/Functions


Easy-to-use Automatic Sliding Door System for Your Existing Sliding Doors at Home or the Office The Autoslide was invented specifically to automate sliding doors and windows in the home. It can be attached to sliding patio doors, pocket doors, and barn style doors. Any type of sliding panel can now be automated with Autoslide. In addition to automating sliding doors in the home, the Autoslide can also be used in light-commercial environments, such as a doctor’s office, if it is equipped with the Elite Motor.

Autoslide Elite

Autoslide Automatic Sliding Doors Elite Motor

The Elite Motor is an upgrade to the Autoslide for heavier doors and light-commercial environments. This motor can handle up to 35 lbs. of drag force while the standard motor in the Autoslide can handle up to 12 lbs. of drag force. To determine which motor your door requires, just ask us for a Velcro Test Strap. This device is used to see if your door is under the 12 lbs. of drag force required for the standard motor. You may also test your door with a luggage or fish scale by pulling the door open and closed while noting the max amount of pounds the scale shows. Find Out More Autoslide iLock First introduced in 2015, the Autoslide iLock features an automatic locking door motor. No more hassles of having to use your manual sliding door lock. The Autoslide iLock System will keep your door locked anytime the Autoslide is enabled in Normal or Pet Mode when the door is closed. Activating the Autoslide iLock system to open the doors will disengage the lock to allow access inside or outside the home. And not to worry, once the door closes again, the Autoslide will lock itself.< Find Out More

Flexible Configuration

Much of the functionality inside the Autoslide is controlled by a set of eight dip switches:

Autoslide Automatic Sliding Doors 8 Dip Switches

  1. Direction/Learn – Used to program the Autoslide’s normal width for people use and to set the Autoslide to work for a left-handed or right-handed door.
  2. Slam Shut – When activated, this setting will give an extra power boost at the initial opening and final closing of the door. Designed for tight jambs and heavy weather seals. (Note that on the Elite system this cannot be used when Dip Switch #7 is turned ‘On’)
  3. Pet Learn – This switch is used to program the pet width of the Autoslide. The Pet Mode is indicated by the orange mode light. The Autoslide must be in this mode for your pet sensors to function.
  4. Lock (Autoslide) – The Autoslide is compatible with external 24V electronic locks. This switch will allow you to determine if the lock should be set to Normally Open or Normally Closed. Note: This is not part of the iLock function.
    Stay Open/Toggle (Elite) – The Autoslide Elite will open and stay open with switch in ‘Off’ position or it will work as a Toggle Mode if switch is turned to ‘On’ position. Door must be reprogrammed while in Blue Mode using Dip Switch #1.
  5. 25% Less Power – Reduce the power the motor uses to prevent doors from moving too fast.
  6. 40% Less Power – Reduce the power the motor uses to prevent doors from moving too fast.
  7. Toggle (Autoslide) – This mode allows you to turn your Autoslide into a per-click activation. Push a button to open and then push again to close. Use this feature when you don’t want the door to timeout and close behind you.
    Extra Power (Elite) – This mode allows you to increase the amount of power the motor uses for heavier sliding doors.
  8. Beep – When activated, this will cause the Autoslide to emit an audible beep when the door opens and when it starts to close.

Available in Black or White to complement existing door colors. The Autoslide interface illuminates 4 different color lights depending on the Mode that is in use:

automatic sliding door mechanisms

Automatic Mode– Automatically opens the door for people. Pet sensors are disabled. Using iLock, the door automatically locks after closing. Hold Open Mode– your door will open and stay open until mode is changed again. Useful when moving furniture, for example. Manual Mode– door reverts back to manual operation with no damage to motor. Automation is disabled, including automatic door locking in the iLock system. Pet Mode– Enables use of pet sensors and allows door to be opened to the pet width; door can also be opened to full width for people. Using iLock, the door also automatically locks after closing.

Autoslide Technical Specifications

Maximum Door Drag 12 lbs. (Standard Motor)
35 lbs. (Elite Motor)
Available colours Black or White
Length of Racks supplied 38 inches included with Autoslide Kit
Additional track extensions available in 19-inch lengths
Power Supply 110-240 VAC, 24V DC Power Adapter/Transformer
Safety Auto-Reverse Yes. Door will automatically reverse back if it meets an object or person before arriving at its final close point.
Automatic Lock (optional) If equipped, the iLock Motor will automatically lock and unlock your sliding door, eliminating
the need to use your door’s manual lock.
Autoslide Physical size Length: 19 inches (490mm)
Height: 2.75 inches (70mm)
Width: 2.5 inches (65mm)

Push Button Activate

Autoslide multidrive iLock door system

All Autoslide kits include two wireless push buttons which are fitted to doors simply using double sided tape. These wireless push buttons can work remotely up to 50 feet away from the Autoslide system. Additional wireless push buttons can also be purchased seperately to be mounted next to the bedside for bed-ridden patients. Two push buttons are required for every sliding door. One mounted inside and one outside. If push buttons are mounted away from the sliding door ie. next to the bed or on a wheelchair, Autoslide also comes with factory built-in with “Pull Assist” / Power Assist where just a gentle pull of the door handle will activate a full open. This is also known in the automatic door industry as “Semi-Automatic” doors. In the absence of push buttons next to the sliding door, users can access entry thru the sliding door via pull assist. Mini remote controls are available as optional extras or as part of the Clicker Bundle package.Two remote controls are included in every Clicker Bundle. The remote controls enable easy Mode switching between Automatic, Hold Open, Manual and Pet without having to reach the control panel on the Autoslide drive system itself. Useful if Autoslide is mounted up high.


Autoslide Automatic Sliding Doors V2 Remote Control Autoslide Automatic Sliding Doors V2 Remote Control Buttons

Motion Sensor Activate

Motion Sensor Activated Automatic Door — Hands free motion sensor activation for humans and pets Designed specially for home use, the Autoslide infra-red motion sensors have a much shorter beam length compared to commercial automatic door sensors. This is to avoid any unnecessary activations of the sensor in a small domestic / residential environment and triggering numerous false door opens. Two motion sensors are needed per Autoslide door – ie. one inside and one outside.

The Autoslide sensor sensitivity can be adjusted easily using a small flat head screwdriver. Autoslide infra-red motion sensors are hard-wired. Hard-wired motion sensors have a much stronger beam length which can be adjusted to suit. ie. Shorten the beam to adult height only to prevent children or pets activating the sensor. The hard-wired sensors were designed for human use (instead of pets). The motion sensors included in the Autoslide Lifestyle Kits and Ultimate Bundles are all hard-wired sensors.

Autoslide motion sensor Autoslide Motion Sensor

Rehanding Drive System

The Autoslide drive system is designed to be rehanded easily if required. (ie. reassemble motor on the drive system from left to right to suit different door openings and/or applications) REHANDING INSTRUCTIONS

Below illustrates when Autoslide must be rehanded before installation:

Floor Mounting Autoslide to a Slide LEFT to Open Door

Autoslide Floor Mounting LEFT to open

If Autoslide can only be installed at the bottom of a slide left to open door, then the drive system must first be rehanded so it can then be floor mounted to the left of the moving panel in front of the fixed panel instead of the clear opening.

Installing to a Slide LEFT to Open Internal Cavity / Pocket Door

Autoslide Pocket Doors Top Mounting

For internal cavity / pocket doors, Autoslide should only be installed to the top of door. For a slide left to open pocket door, the drive system must first be rehanded so that the motor and gear is on the left of the system. The Autoslide unit can then be installed on the top to the left of the door.

Top Mount over Fixed Panel on a Slide RIGHT to Open Door

Autoslide Pocket Doors Top Mounting

By default, Autoslide can be top mounted without rehanding to a slide right to open door by installing unit over the clear opening. If installation over the fixed panel is preferred, then the Autoslide drive system must be rehanded.