The low height of only 2.25 inches (60mm) allows the AutoSwing Operator to be fitted to a door’s header.

The system comes with both push-arm and slide-arm configurations. Combining these design features along with the whisper-quiet operation of the mechanism, your doorway transforms seamlessly from manual to automatic operation.

AutoSwing Features

  • Modulated components in slim-line housing
  • Heavy-duty 24V motor  
  • 265 lb. (120 kg.) maximum door weight 
  • Integrates with Smart Locks
  • Bluetooth app for Android and iOS devices with available AutoPlus gateway for control while away from home or the office
  • Convert French-style patio doors into an automatic pet door
  • Endcaps with LED indicator lights
  • Ingrates with third-party electric strikes and mag locks
  • Four available modes: Unsecure, Hold Open, Secure, and Pet
  • Can be paired with the Privacy Package to create a touchless entry/exit for bathrooms and fitting rooms
  • Comes standard with two wall buttons
  • Additional controls available include motion sensors, remote control, keypad, handwave sensor, & RFID proximity tags.

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Cutting Edge Technology

Autoswing Features

The endcaps contain LED Indicator lights that display the current mode of the AutoSwing system. These can be turned On or Off, depending on preference.
A compact backup Lithium battery is contained in the AutoSwing housing and allows the system to have a power source even when your home loses power for up to five days. The trickle charge feature prevents you from having to remove the battery for a re-charge.
The door guide has two removable end clips that hold the cover in place. This cover can be removed to allow it to be custom powder coated to match your door’s color profile.

Operational Methods

The AutoSwing system comes with two operational methods, a slide arm and a push arm. Both sets of hardware are made from stainless steel grade materials, providing reliable and heavy-duty performance.



Allows The Door To Open Outward


Allows The Door To Open Inward


AutoSwing Can Be Mounted On The Door To Overcome Narrow Frames

Integration With Smart Home Devices


AutoSwing is integrated with major smart home devices like Alexa and Apple home. You can activate your door system is activated remotely and by voice activation.

With Autoslide App, open and close your doors quickly. Monitor your door status inside and outside your home

Total Home Access Solutions


Smart Lock Integration

AutoSwing will be integrated with smart locks, creating a secure automatic door.

Now you can get all the benefits of a smart lock and still maintain the design integrity of your home. 

Use your phone to lock and unlock your door, share access, and always know who’s coming and going.


Grant Or Deny Access From The App

  • Program your AutoSwing from the Autoslide app on the phone.
  • Open, close, lock and more with a simple tap on your iOS or Android phone.
  • 24/7 motion sensor sends alerts to your phone when anyone approaches your sliding doors.

Pet Mode

Let you grant or deny your pet’s automatic access. No need for costly, unsightly pet doors. Adjustable sensor, customizable for your pet’s size. Door activation via motion sensor, doormat sensor or a smart pet tag for your pet’s collar

Save on air-conditioning costs by having your doors close automatically. 

Wide Range Of Accessories


Automatic Electric Locks

Third-party electric locks can be integrated with the AutoSwing such as electric strikes and maglocks. 

Hand-Wave Sensor

Wall-mounted touchless sensors can be used to open a door wirelessly or with a wired connection.

Wireless Numeric Keypad

Digital keypads allow access to people whilst the doors are locked.

Wireless Remote Control

Remote control key fobs can open/close doors, secure doors, and change the mode in the system.

Motion Sensors

Adjustable motion sensor options using a microwave for large activation areas or IR for high-traffic areas.

Safety Sensors

Overhead mounted safety infrared sensor, which can detect any obstruction to the door while opening or closing. (Available in hard-wired and wireless).

Proximity Tags

An RFID Smart Tag that communicates with an RFID reader at a distance of up to 10 feet. The tag can be clipped to a wheelchair or keychain to provide hands-free activation of AutoSwing.

Backup Battery (UPS)

A lithium battery, with the newest technology, provides a higher voltage recharge rate and lower loss ratio compared to traditional lead-acid and alkaline batteries. This leads to longer battery life with up to four times the performance.

A compact design allows the battery to be concealed within the housing of the AutoSwing.

How to Videos

Slide Arm

Push Arm

Modes Configuration

AutoSwing Privacy System – Coming Soon!