Sensors and Touch Buttons


Autoslide Hardwired Infrared Motion Sensors
The Autoslide Hardwired Infrared Motion Sensor is an add-on accessory for the Autoslide automatic sliding door system and can be purchased either individually or as a twin pack. The IR Motion Sensor connects to the Autoslide using the cables that are included. It can be installed above the door for people or low on the door jamb for pet use. When the IR beam from the sensor is broken by an approaching person or pet, the Autoslide system will immediately be triggered to open the door and provide hands-free convenience. This is especially helpful when your hands are full or if a certain family member has trouble remembering to shut the door behind them. The IR beam length is adjustable, allowing it to be set so that an approaching young child will not activate the door.
Autoslide Wireless Infrared Motion Sensor
The Autoslide Wireless Infrared Motion Sensor uses a wireless connection to communicate with the Autoslide and MultiDrive Systems. It can be installed above the door for use by people or installed on the side of the door jamb to be used by pets. When the infrared beam from the sensor is broken by an approaching person or pet, the Autoslide system will immediately be triggered to open the sliding door and provide hands-free convenience. The door will remain in the open position as long as the beam is broken. Once the field clears, the door will begin to close.
Autoslide Microwave Motion Sensor
The Autoslide microwave movement detector is perfect for use where entrances are affected by the sun causing interference with standard infrared (IR) sensors. These sensors have a wider and farther field of activation. The microwave sensor has a directional pivot in order to increase or decrease the area of activation by motion.
Autoslide Hand Wave Sensor
The Autoslide Hand Wave Sensor allows you to activate the AutoSlide or MultiDrive systems for sliding doors with a wave of the hand. This touchless option helps to increase hygiene by reducing cross-contamination points in your home and workplace. It also is a great solution to activate the door when your hands are full but are not able to have a motion sensor mounted above the door. The Hand Wave Sensor can be used in a wireless or wired format. When used wirelessly, it is powered by two 3 volt batteries (CR2032) that will last you up to a year's time, depending on daily usage. It also comes with the necessary cables to allow a wired connection to the AutoSlide or MultiDrive system. This sensor can be placed in a secure setting for the outside of your home to prevent usage when the door is locked and you don't want access into your home.

Autoslide Wall Mounted Wireless Push Button

The Autoslide Wireless Wall Mounted Push Buttons work up to 50 feet away from the automatic door system. Two of these pushbuttons are included with all Autoslide, MultiDrve, and AutoSwing automatic door systems. Additional push buttons can be purchased to be mounted on a wheelchair, next to a bedside, or even in a secret location outside. Up to 14 wireless activation devices can be programmed into a single system.

The wall-mounted button is battery-operated. Depending on usage, batteries will last up to 12 months.


Autoslide Smart K9 Tag Set
The Smart K9 Tag Set uses RFID technology to communicate between your pet's K9 tags and the RFID transmitter to activate your Autoslide enabled door. It offers the highest security in preventing the chance of wild animals such as possums, raccoons, or your neighbors’ pets from activating your Autoslide sliding door system. However, just like any automatic swipe card security entrances, it does not take into consideration that unwanted animals could be stalking closely behind your pet as they enter.
K9 Smart Tag for Autoslide Automatic Pet Door
Add additional K9 Smart Tags to your AutoSlide Pet Door system for those with more than two fur babies. Two additional tags can be added to the two tags that were included with your original K9 Pet Door purchase. The tags are available in either white or black.
iOpen Smart Tag for Autoslide Automatic Doors
The iOpen Smart Tag uses active RFID technology to allow activation of the AutoSlide System and MultiDrive System in a hands-free manner. This tag can be added to an existing system that has the AutoSlide Tag Reader connected. Up to four tags can be used with a single reader. The button on the tag can also be used as a remote control to open and close the door.
Autoslide IOpen Tag Set
The Autoslide iOpen Tag Set is an add-on accessory to the Autoslide and MultiDrive systems. This pack includes two (2) iOpen Tags and one (1) RFID transmitter (wired to the control panel with provided cable). The iOpen Tag Set uses active RFID technology to provide a secure activation of your automatic door. The iOpen Tag transmitter only needs to be mounted on one side of the door (the same side where the Autoslide or MultiDrive unit is installed), which should be the secure side.

Autoslide Four Button Remote Control

The Autoslide Four Button Remote Control allows you the flexibility to open and shut your sliding glass doors from the comfort of your chair. It will also allow you to switch between the four modes in the Autoslide automatic sliding door system.
  • Each button has engraved symbols to denote the different functions
  • Allows easy switching between 4 different modes without having to reach out to the control panel on the Autoslide unit
  • Switch between: Automatic (green light), Hold Open (blue light), Manual (red light) and Pet (orange light)
  • Battery operated (Battery included)

Note: Can be used as a pet door activator while Autoslide is in Pet Mode.

Autoslide Wireless Ten Digit Numeric Keypad

The Autoslide Numeric Keypad is the preferred secure activation device for the Autoslide Automatic Door System. This security keypad will allow you to enter your home from the outside using a unique programmed code. Combined with the Autoslide iLock Motor, you can have a secure and automated entryway into and out of your home or workplace.

The Numeric Keypad is wireless and provides the benefit of not having to run cables through your exterior walls. It has two channels that will allow you to have not only a regular access code but also one you can change for guests to access your home. The keypad is programmable for two separate codes up to eight digits long each. Audible beeps will alert you to an accepted code as well as an invalid code.