Multidrive Automatic Sliding Door System

MultiDrive Sliding Doors


The MultiDrive system by Autoslide is the most technologically advanced automatic sliding door system available today. This system can open single-panel doors as well as multi-panel doors, including telescoping doors and bi-parting doors.

The MultiDrive is a universal system, allowing it to be installed on any existing sliding doors or new sliding doors. With its smooth, quiet operation and seamless integration, the MultiDrive will blend in naturally with your sliding doors.

It is based on a simple motor drive belt system. Encased in a sleek tube-like frame, it adapts to the design of your existing sliding door and powers the automatic opening and closing of the door. The wireless push buttons and optional motion sensors activate the door when triggered.

Note: MultiSlide requires professional installation.


If you have multi-panel sliding doors, the MultiDrive is your solution for ease and convenience. Operate the MultiDrive in Stack Mode to allow all active panels to open.

The patio doors will stay open until you are ready to close them. This is the perfect mode when the weather is great or you are entertaining guests and want to open your home for full enjoyment.

Where Does It Install?

The Autoslide MultiDrive can be easily installed on wooden, glass, aluminium and PVC single, bi-parting, and telescoping doors. It can also be installed on pocket sliding doors.

How Does It Work?

It is a compact home automation system designed to automate sliding doors. The system consists of a motor device and electronic controller and is encased in an aluminium slimline housing.

The door is then activated by specially designed wireless push buttons installed on both sides of the opening. Optional motion sensors and other activation devices are available as well.

MultiDrive Comes In A Mill Finish To Allow Customer To Powder-Coat Cover To Match The Door’s Color.

Smart Home Integration

The MultiDrive allows seamless integration into your existing smart home or access control system.

Use one of the three dry-contact ports to create a scene within your home automation system and control the MultiDrive from anywhere in the world.

Don’t have an intelligent home system? No worries… download the Autoslide app to your smartphone or tablet. From here, you can operate and program your MultiDrive system through a secure local Bluetooth connection.

Using the AutoPlus Gateway, the MultiDrive can securely connect to your home’s network to increase accessibility through the Autoslide smartphone app and let you operate your MultiDrive system from anywhere in the world.



If you’re one of the many people who have limited mobility or don’t have the strength to move your heavy patio doors, the Multidrive system by Autoslide, will open and close your patio doors for you.

There comes a time when we all need a little help now you can open and close your patio doors easily and unassisted.


The Multidrive system by Autoslide, for patio doors, converts your existing patio door into an automatic door system increasing accessibility in your home.

Multidrive For Pet Owners

Even a trip from the coach to the door to let your pet out can be a challenge later in life.

With a combination of Autoslide and K9 Smart Pet Tags, your pet can open the door to go out and in at any time.


Just a simple wave of the hand or the sound of your voice can activate your doors preventing the need for outside assistance.

The MultiDrive by Autoslide enhances daily living take one less worry off your mind by automating the patio doors for the ones you love


Single Sliding
Telescopic Sliding
Center Vent Sliding
Center Vent Telescopic Sliding

Technical Specification

Maximum door drag weight 75 lbs Drag Force
Colors White, Black, Clear Anodized, or Mill Finish
Power Supply 100-240VAC, 24VDC Power Adapter
Maximum Track Length 20 Feet
Electronic Locking iLock Motor
Dimensions H 2.6″ x W 2.9″
Open Assist Yes