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The K9 Collar Tag for pets was designed and created with safety and security in mind. If you are worried about unwanted animals such as your neighbor’s cat or a wild raccoon entering your home via the motion pet sensors, the K9 Collar Tag is pet door option you need instead.

With the help of a special RFID pet collar smart tag, only your dog or cat that is wearing the Smart Tag will be able to trigger the Autoslide pet door to open when they are within range of the sensor.

Only one K9 Collar Tag transmitter is required per Autoslide pet door and needs to be plugged into the Autoslide system using the included cable.

The RFID transmitter can be mounted on the wall at a place of your choosing, as it has an area of activation adjustable from 3 to 10 feet.

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Need A Pet Door? Don’t Cut A Hole In The Door. Automate Your Existing Sliding Door Instead!

The Autoslide system was designed with pet owners in mind. Our automatic patio door openers have a built-in Pet Mode that will allow your pet to automatically enter and exit your home independently.

Your automatic pet door kit includes two wireless push buttons for human use and one of three different pet door activation options: RFID Collar Tags, Pet IR Motion Sensors, or Pet Doormats.

The Autoslide Pet Mode can be programmed to open your door just wide enough for your pet to fit through the it and it can only be triggered to open with an Autoslide pet sensor. And don’t worry, the provided wall buttons will still open your patio doors up to the full width for people while the Autoslide is in Pet Mode.

For times when you do not want your pets to activate the patio door to open, simply switch the Autoslide into the Normal Mode. This will allow access for people but not pets.

For added security, you can upgrade your Autoslide Pet Door system by adding the iLock feature. The iLock Motor will automatically lock and unlock your sliding patio door when it closes and opens. Pairing the iLock Motor with the K9 Smart Tag Kit, and its secure RFID technology, provides the most secure pet door available for purchase.


The Autoslide Pet Motion Sensor works just as the name suggests…motion. It uses wireless infrared beams to detect movement. It does not discriminate, so any form of motion within the range of the pet sensor will activate the door to open. The door will now always automatically open for you and your pet.

When mounting the Autoslide Pet Motion Sensor, it is best to place it on the wall or door’s jamb so that the IR beam shoots across the door. You will want to make sure the beam is the same height as your pet’s body for consistent activation. For a fully automatic pet door, a motion sensor must be mounted on the inside and outside of the home.

Had enough of your pets going in and out? Switch back to Automatic Mode, indicated by the green status light, to temporarily disable the pet sensors. This is handy for night time when you want to lock the doors.

If you have a secure backyard, the Autoslide Pet Motion Sensor is a great option. This sensor is also perfect for pet owners with large dogs, such as Great Danes. With large dogs, you will be able to mount the sensor above the door and still be able to detect your pets. For pet owners who have any concerns of unwanted animals entering their homes (i.e. possums, raccoon’s), the Autoslide Pet Motion Sensor may not be a good fit for your home.


Programming your V1 RFID/Smart Tag Set

V2 RFID Tag Set Setup