Automatic Patio Doors

patio sliding door

Autoslide is an Automatic Door System that can Universally Retrofit to Your Existing Sliding Patio Doors​

The Autoslide automatic sliding door system is universally designed to retrofit to sliding doors including patio doors, pocket doors, barn doors, closet doors, and pantry doors.

To accommodate the most applications possible, the Autoslide system has been weatherproofed to allow for inside or outside installation.

Add Further Security with iLock

The Autoslide iLock features an automatic locking door motor. No more hassles of having to use your manual sliding door lock.

The Autoslide iLock System will keep your door locked anytime the Autoslide is enabled in Normal or Pet Mode when the door is closed.

Elite Option for Heavier Doors

The Elite Motor is an upgrade to the Autoslide for heavier doors and light-commercial environments.

This motor can handle up to 35 lbs. of drag force while the standard motor in the Autoslide can handle up to 12 lbs. of drag force.

Autoslide Patio Door Mounting Options

The recommended installation is an inside, top mount installation above the sliding door.

By default, if installing at the top of door, the Autoslide will be fitted over the fixed panel of a right-handed door and over the clear opening for a left-handed door (refer to diagram below). However, the Autoslide drive system can be easily re-handed to suit your preference and every kit includes step-by-step re-handing instructions in the manual and DVD.

For internal cavity doors or pocket doors, Autoslide can be fitted to a slide Right to Open pocket door without the need for rehanding.

Autoslide Automatic Sliding Doors Top Mount Right Opening   Autoslide Automatic Sliding Doors Top Mount Left Opening

The following two diagrams illustrate the positioning of the Autoslide system top-mounted on a right opening door.

Autoslide Automatic Sliding Doors Top Mount Right Opening Opened   Autoslide Automatic Sliding Doors Top Mount Right Opening Closed


Bottom Mount option

The Autoslide automatic patio door system can also be installed at the bottom of the door if the top mount is not suitable (e.g. curtain rods or blinds too close to door). By default, the Autoslide can be fitted at the bottom of a left-handed door. No re-handing of unit is required. For a right-handed door, the Autoslide system will need to be re-handed for a proper installation.

Autoslide Automatic Sliding Doors Bottom Mount Right Opening   Autoslide Automatic Sliding Doors Bottom Mount Left Opening

Options for Multiple Sliding Doors

If you have bi-parting patio doors, you can still use the Autoslide system to automate the doors. You will need two Autoslide drive systems, installing one to each moving panel. ​However, only set of controls (e.g. wall buttons) is needed and are programmed into both Autoslide units for simultaneous operation.

For homes with telescoping patio doors or bi-parting doors, our MultiDrive system is the best solution for you.