Autoslide iLock

Normal and Pet Mode Enabled
Numeric Key Pad
Remote Controler
iLock Autoslide


The Autoslide iLock Automatic Door System allows your sliding doors to be automatically locked and unlocked. The iLock Motor contains a dynamic braking system that locks the Autoslide’s gear in place using a current of electricity. When the Autoslide is activated to open, the current breaks, door unlocks, and allows the door to slide open.

Once the door slides closed, the electric current resumes through the gear box and the door is now automatically locked. This technology provides a secure sliding door system without using additional locking mechanisms.



With accessibility in mind, the Autoslide iLock system was designed as a fail-safe system. This means that, once power is cut off to the Autoslide, the lock becomes deactivated and the door can be operated in a manual mode.

If the Autoslide is required to automatically open a door during loss of power, there is an available back-up battery that will provide up to 400 cycles worth of power.

With both manual operation and battery back-up available, the Autoslide provides a solution for everyone’s accessibility needs.


With the Autoslide iLock, you get the security of not having to worry if your door was left unlocked. Along with the iLock motor, the Autoslide’s software and sensors help provide an additional layer of security.

The Autoslide provides several modes to operate the system. Use the Secured Mode when you want your door to automatically lock and prevent unwanted guests from entering your home. When placed in this mode, your sensors programmed for the Outside Sensor frequency are deactivated. You may securely access your home from the outside using a numeric keypad, remote control, or one of our RFID proximity tags.

If you have pets, you will want to operate the Autoslide in Pet Mode to allow them to operate the door. In Pet Mode, the iLock feature will be engaged, keeping the door locked when closed. In addition, when the door is activated by your pet, the door will lock open at the max pet opening to prevent the door from being forced open wider by an intruder. Combining the K9 Tag system with the iLock motor will provide a highly secure pet door in your home.