Smart Phone Apps

Smart Phone App

We have all been there. You’re not at home and someone is at the door. Maybe the kids forgot their keys? Family visiting unexpectedly? Did you get delayed and need to let the cleaner in? No problem!

Operate your AutoSlide, MultiDrive, or AutoSwing enabled doors and windows anytime from anywhere using your mobile devices.. Simply download our AutoSlide smartphone app and take control of your doors no matter where you are located.


See how Autoslide lets you control your sliding door remotely through your phone, including voice control.

Discover how the Multidrive’s intelligent home automation enables you to lock your door at any time – day or night, wherever you are.


In order to control the Autoslide systems remotely via Autoslide App, Autoplus Gateway is required. Autoplus Gateway can be purchased separately.

Important Notice: Certain versions of AutoSlide do not come equipped with Bluetooth functionality. To enjoy Bluetooth capabilities, an upgrade is necessary. Feel free to reach out to us for any support or inquiries.